Kamora was founded by Kerry Boughen in 1963 on the Boughen family farm three miles south of Karoonda on the Sherlock road.  This was the first poll merino stud in the district and the first stud to have no horned merinos.

Kamora began with the purchase of a poll merino ram and 80 in-lamb ewes.  Kerry later moved the stud to a property at Goondooloo and then in 1972 to a property near Warroo Bore east of Sandalwood.  The stud was transferred to his brothers Paul and Colin in about 1978.

In 1997 Paul and Colin divided the stud between them.  Paul Boughen retained the Kamora name.  In 1999 Paul purchased the Netley Park poll merino stud from Grant Petras.  For some years Paul and his son Justin ran the Kamora and Netley Park stud flocks separately.  In about 2007 the Netley Park registration was cancelled, although sheep are still run in their family groups. They now trade as Kamora & Netley Park.

Boughen Family - 4 generations
Boughen Family - 4 generations: Jack, Paul, Justin, Bailey and James